Elevate Difference

Continental 62

More listenable than Cat Power, but with some of the quirkiness of Joanna Newsom and Björk, Christina Rosenvinge’s super smooth and sweet voice delivers an indie rock sound that is just listenable enough to share with my mother. Madrid-born, Danish-descended Rosenvinge chooses to pay homage to her transnational roots and routes by naming the album Continental 62, after the flight she regularly takes between Newark and Madrid. Minimalist, but not boring, Continental 62 is a 10-song album that delivers uncomplicated indie ballads that feature interesting mixtures of guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, piano, violin, flute, glockenspiel and cello. Slow-paced and grand, this album provides an easy listening backdrop perfect for a dinner party. My only complaint is that her lyrics can be difficult to decipher. It also should be noted that most of the songs are sung in English, though some are in Spanish, which gives audiences a chance to practice their translation skills. In many cases the vocals are just another instrument, wandering lyrics allow the listener to take a break from listening to music only for its lyrical content. This album is meant to be a backdrop for a relaxing massage or Saturday afternoon bubble bath.

Written by: Ailecia Ruscin, February 9th 2007