Elevate Difference

Circle of Fire Pendant

I know this will sound strange (and very Freudian), but I like to put things in my mouth. I get a mysterious enjoyment out of experiencing an object’s texture against my tongue and teeth. Porcelain is a most odious oral encounter, and just the thought of its grainy surface scraping against my enamel is enough to send a shiver down my spine. It’s kind of like when you bite into a piece of dirt that wasn’t entirely washed away during a dish's preparation, and it thwarts enjoyment of the remainder of the meal because you’re worried the offense will happen again.

The rasty flavor of metal harkens three years of braces, which included breaking my upper palate to make room for all of my adult teeth, another altogether unpleasant experience. I prefer the taste of things that are glassy and smooth, and perhaps this source of consolation was embedded during my pacifier days, but gnawing on the soft plastic of a teething ring is one of my favorites, reminding me of the firm slickness of gummy bears.

Whatever the origin of my rather odd inclination, one look at the slick glass of the Circle of Fire Pendant by Trace Ellements caused me to shove the duo-toned agate pendant was into my mouth. The tiny clinking of soft stone on my right canine generated a comforting smile. I imagined the plink-plink-plink sound, like that of a pin dropping onto a crystal surface, to be the giggles of tree sprites. I slid its constant coolness against my pursed lips and slowly passed the oxidized brass chain between the closed space. The brass was smooth.

As much as I was enjoying my semi-fetish, wearing this modern take on a retro style derived a more aesthetic satisfaction. The earthy exterior color is set off by a blotchy red, which makes the piece seem aged despite its contemporary design. I clasped the chain of the somewhat weighty circle so that it would rest at the top of my sternum and call attention to the v-shaped space on my chest left bare by a layered, embroidered, a-line dress from Anthropologie. Now if I can just find a pair of strappy yet sophisticated sandals the color of drying mud, I’ll be all set for a romantic dinner for two. My partner forgives my oddity; truth be told, he quite enjoys it.

Written by: Mandy Van Deven, November 22nd 2009