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Climax Silicone EZ Bend Ripple Shaft

The Climax Silicone EZ Bend Ripple Shaft is a 6.25 inch, insertable silicone vibrator. How it claims to be unique amongst the bevy of other silicone vibrators is the bendable design, which allows the vibrator to be contorted to the contours of one's particular body.

The smoothness of the silicone makes the vibrator appealing to use. Also conducive to its use is the spin dial at the end of the shaft, which controls the speed and intensity of the vibe. That said, these two features of the product are its only inviting features. To be honest, vibrators lose their appeal when used with a partner because they make communication difficult. Vibrators are loud, and this one is no different: at low or high speed, it sounds like a lawnmower.

Furthermore, the EZ Bend is actually not that bendable; the tip of the vibe gives a little, but I would be reluctant to boast of its bendability. As the company advertises, the force of the vibrator is, indeed, palpable from one end of the shaft to the other. It is quite a forceful vibe for its size, which might lead to some bodily discomfort and numbness with prolonged use.

All in all, the EZ Bend is a fun, but far from fantastic, toy.

Written by: Zara Thustra, February 26th 2010