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Clothing Labels

A business-sized envelope arrived in the mail with over a dozen samples from ClothingLabels4U.com. ClothingLabels4U.com is well aware of the importance of brand recognition in making clothing or crafts marketable and memorable; many of the labels they sent had their website and phone number advertised.

They offer a variety of hanging labels, woven labels, care tags and logo tags. They come in paper, iron-on, stick-on and fabrics. All the samples I received were square or rectangle, though according to the website they can print die-cut designs. Sizes range from ½ inch to 4 inches. I know this because included with the samples was mini plastic ruler with the website address and phone number.

Checking the website and their order instructions, it seems easy and straightforward. The prices listed on the website were 1000 Labels from $270.00 to $350.00 plus shipping and 500 Labels from $240.00 to $270.00 plus shipping. The whole process, from sending your logo to getting your labels in the mail, seems to take 1-2 months.

The labels look professional; there are a wide variety of styles, colors and sizes, and there seems to be no limit to what is printed on each label. It’s perfect if you’re serious about marketing your products and want creative control of your logo and designs.

Written by: Kristin Conard, May 26th 2007