Elevate Difference


Scramble is the fresh and inventive sophomore album from The Coathangers. This all-girl band will impress you with the witty lyrics. Their sound is an enjoyable blend of surf music and underground garage punk. 

Scramble is a great mood lifter and will get you in the mood to slam dance the night away before you head out for the weekend. The lyrics are easily relatable for any girl who has stood up for herself or thought about taking action against those who are oppressing her. The unique do-it-yourself sound of the album makes the listener want to find all her musical friends and make an album in her parent’s garage. The band also keeps you guessing by throwing in short clips from cult films and changing the tone of the songs periodically so as not to bore the audience. 

There are several songs that could easily become your favorites. “Dreamboat” is a throwback to fifties pop with outrageous female vocals and a catchy melody that does not annoy but empowers the listener to change the way she thinks about traditional pop love songs. Another favorite is “Stop Stompin’,” which is a song about annoying upstairs neighbors and is recognizable to anyone who has had to live in cramped, cheap apartment housing with a lead-footed neighbor. I will often find myself singing it when I am annoyed with my current neighbor, thus channeling all of my righteous anger into a healthy outlet. 

The Coathangers have made a fantastic contribution to girl rock history with this musical compilation that will pump you up before heading out to your next underground feminist shindig.

Written by: Jenny Greenfield, May 23rd 2009