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Comic Book "Girl Power" & "Ladies Night" Tees

Batgirl has been my hero since I was a small girl. As a young comic book geek, Batman was my favorite comic universe, and I absolutely adored Batgirl, because she had all the cool things that Batman had – but she was a girl. Supergirl was another favorite. I remember being four years old or so, and staring at the cover of a novelization for “Supergirl” the movie; it was frustrating, because I hadn't learned to read, but I liked looking at the picture.

Needless to say, these shirts are a fun homage to my childhood heroes. I'm not usually a t-shirt fan, since they generally look like shapeless bags on me; but these have a flattering cut, and a fun, old-school look. On one, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl are all portrayed on a dark blue background with gold, glittery trim, and a proclamation of “Girl Power!”. One the other, six female super heroines declare that it's "Ladies Night." I love the nostalgic design – not to mention that Supergirl looks like Olivia Newton-John. This tee brought back good memories, and makes me want to do some crime-fighting of my own...or at least get in a good workout at the gym.

Written by: Beeb Ashcroft, January 24th 2007

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