Elevate Difference


The Concretes are Swedish and adorable. They also have a band name that is part cool ("the" is so money) and part tough cookie (you get it...). Which has nothing to do with the music, really, but come on; you and I have both picked up CDs because of a cutesy band name or cool cover art. Most of the time our whirlwind expenditures result in creepy death metal rock operas or grandma music, which then result in another set of beer coasters. The Concretes, though, deliver every time, even when they're releasing a b-side album to get some stateside love. And a collection of b-sides is exactly what the space bar challenged Layourbattleaxedown seems to be. Now children, just because you liked that one song that was in that Target commercial that one time, don't go branding these Swedees (like sweeties... but you know, Swedish) your new favorite band. I mean, you can, but know what you're getting yourself into. The Concretes rely on languid lyrics, gauzy rhythms and the occasional wail of church organs to get the party started. If anything, Belle and Sebastian better watch their backs. For those who eat, sleep and shit rock and roll, you will cry if exposed to this CD, and not because you were taken to another level or some such junk. If it's just not your thing, it's cool; we understand. It's my thing though, and any member of the band can contact me on my tin can telephone.

Written by: Nicole Sonsini, December 14th 2006
Tags: rock, Swedish