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Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World

Cosmic Connection is a difficult book. Difficult because if you are not used to thinking about the world in multiple dimensions, the physical and spiritual, you will be taken aback by the author’s basic assumptions about life. If you are not initiated into the ideas and lingo of mediums, psychics, and the whole section of our culture with their ears attuned to another world, you will probably find this book to be “way far out there.” Author Carole Lynne tells the story of her journey as a medium, and reveals her experiences traveling through multiple dimensions and dreams. The book provides transcripts of the author’s communications with spirits or energies like “The Energy,” a “higher being” that she and the other mediums talk to.

It’s a shame there are so many charlatans posing as psychics or mediums, because it definitely hurts the credibility of the entire group. It’s unfortunate for both the author and most readers that these exploitative few have given our society such a suspicious and negative view of “supernatural” occurrences because the message the book offers is a truly positive and unifying one. Lynne posits that, with the many problems of the modern world, humans need to reach out to each other and open themselves up to a spiritual life to truly evolve. It’s hard to argue with the idea that our interconnectedness, or “Oneness,” gives humans a special interest in ending war, poverty, and pollution.

I approached Cosmic Connection with skepticism. Its content is outside of anything I’ve experienced (or anyone I know has experienced). Some of the terminology and visions that Lynne described seemed a little bit clichéd or implausible, and I found that I couldn’t discern a difference in the voice of “The Energy” Lynne channels and her own authorial voice. That said, Lynne’s acknowledgement of her uniqueness and the obvious sincerity with which she tells her story make it a compelling and interesting journey.

Written by: Jennifer Wedemeier, June 10th 2009