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Cream Bird Pouch

Designs of the avian persuasion are undeniably ubiquitous on the fashion scene today. From quirky sparrows and stylized blackbirds to elegant peacocks and vintage-y pheasants, flighty, feathered friends can be found everywhere from jewelry to body art, stationary to head gear, and more. Now from The Wren Design comes the whimsical and functional Cream Bird Pouch*.

The Bird Pouch is hand-crafted in a pretty textured cream colored linen, embossed with a faint paisley pattern. The fabric has a rustic feel, like a well-loved burlap sack made more delicate by time and use. The design of the Pouch itself is rudimentary, made of three main pieces: body, wing and tail. The simplicity of the shape is what gives this Pouch the necessary dose of charm. Should you choose to get interactive with your Bird Pouch, the wing has full “flap” capabilities (shadow puppets, anyone?) and the tail is looped to function as a wristlet. The Pouch is detailed with a zipper, lining and hand-stitched bird’s eye, all in coordinating pale lavender.

Sweet as it may be, don’t expect this little birdie to be your go-to, carry-all bag. Clocking in at approximately 5.5 inches wide by 3.5 inches tall, the Bird Pouch can realistically hold several credit cards or bills, a smaller-sized cell phone, loose change, or a few cosmetics—but not all at once! The wristlet tail will keep your hands free, and the tiny dimensions will force you to pack light, perfect for cruising the shops, or a casual night out. In a veritable flock of bird accessories, the Cream Bird Pouch earns its place in the pecking order with hand-crafted charm and folk art appeal.

The picture is of the Strawberry Picker Bird Pouch, which is the same design as the Cream Bird Pouch, though a different fabric color and print.

Written by: Kelly Moritz, May 31st 2009