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Crimsonheart Ring

I found another beautiful piece of jewelry on Etsy. I was looking at member profiles on We Make Zines and found a link to a fellow zinester’s Etsy shop. I like seeing cool things other imaginative folks have made, so I decided to take a look at what she was creating and selling.

Wow! BrightCircle has absolutely gorgeous handcrafted jewelry in her shop. She calls her work “free-spirited,” and offers the Serenity Collection of jewelry based on characters from the television show Firefly, the SlinksterMinx Collection of necklaces, and a set of beaded lovelies she calls Geometric Insouciance.

I was totally enamored by the Keys to Secret Cities necklace, but knew I’d seldom have the occasion to wear something so stunning and elaborate. I turned my attention to BrightCircle’s lovely beaded rings and began to browse. When I saw the Crimsonheart ring, I knew I had to have it.

The actual ring is even more delightful than it looks in photos. It is crafted from tiny iridescent red beads, which shimmer and sparkle in the light. The beads are sewn with black thread, which produces an overall deeper color. The ring is really a slightly stretchy finger cuff, which gives the wearer a close, conforming (but not too tight) fit.

I wasn’t sure if the available ring would actually fit me, since I had no clue as to what size I needed. I started a conversation with BrightCircle and soon received a response. She was very helpful and gave me clear instructions for determining my size. It turned out the available Crimsonheart ring was too small, so BrightCircle offered to craft a custom sized one for me. She worked swiftly, and I received my Crimsonheart ring quickly.

I adore this piece of jewelry and wear it every day. I like wearing something so pretty, something that makes me feel happy whenever I see it. I like knowing that I’m sporting something made especially for me, something that I’m not likely to see on every third person I meet. I especially like being able to support another creative zinester.

For striking and beautiful rings at affordable prices, as well as other pretty treasures made from beads, keys, baubles, and charms, check out BrightCircle’s splendid offerings.

Written by: Chantel C. Guidry, May 15th 2009

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