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A Cup of Comfort, Women of the Bible Devotional: Daily Reflections Inspired by Scripture's Most Beloved Heroines

Let’s face it, regardless of our daily routines or obligations we can all use a bit of comfort from time to time. As such, I would strongly recommend A Cup of Comfort Women of the Bible Devotional, which I found to be less of a daily devotional and more of a mystical adventure. It seemed that each day’s message had been distinctly crafted just for me. There was always something valuable in the words that were shared—whether via the narratives or the quotes that lingered with me as I tended to the myriad of responsibilities that clamor for my attention each day.

This is actually one book that you can judge by its cover. True to its name, this daily devotional provides comfort and inspiration to a world weary soul, supplying the ideal amount of biblical wisdom to get your day started on the right foot. What I found particularly endearing about this devotional is the fact that it is the heroines of the Bible whose wisdom and experience is highlighted and presented. Prior to becoming a Christian I explored nearly every other mystical path out there: Sufi mysticism, New Age philosophies, Kabbala, Wicca, Buddhism, Taoism, and (she states somewhat shamefully) Hedonism.

What I enjoyed most about exploring these other paths was the central theme that allowed for focus on devotion to the balance of life, the essential connection between yin and yang, light and dark. Until I began reading this devotional I wasn’t able to see that Christianity also offers the balance of opposing forces. With each passage I was able to recognize the value of the feminine aspect of Christianity, which was something that had not been apparent to me via the most widely available Christian materials.

The reflections on life provided by the various contributors helped me to appreciate the wisdom that can be gleaned from the trials and tribulations that we all face. It is in difficult times that we often learn our most valuable lessons. If there was no dark, how could we recognize the light? It is the chiaroscuro of life’s travails that gives us our depth. Just as with a work of art, it is the light, the dark, and the myriad of shades in between that give feeling to the experience and texture to our vision.

Although I can’t say that it happens often, there have been times in my life that are akin to a fresh glass of lemonade on a hot summer’s afternoon: those moments of peace, when there are no proverbial fires to put out, no one screaming mommy, and no deadlines to meet. This is exactly where this particular devotional brings me: to a warm summer’s afternoon, with a fresh glass of lemonade in hand, a day’s work complete and time to reflect upon and marinate with all that has unfolded.

Written by: Susan G. Reyes Vasquez, September 8th 2009