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Cupcake Charm

My six-year-old girl stole this charm out of the envelope before I got a good look at it. It took a few days staking out her turf, and a cup of strong chamomile tea until she fell into a deep enough sleep for me to steal it back.

The appeal of the charm was instantly obvious; the charm was pink and square like a Chiclet, had a cupcake stamped into the polymer clay, sparkles (which is crack for six-year-olds) and a cute, blue polka-dot bead for a cherry.

Though the charm fulfills exactly all measures of cuteness criteria, it was easy to pull off on my silver chain at my job at the library. Browsing through Julie*ann’s shop showed a range of cool and cute bits-and-bobs in prices that were pleasing, like the cupcake charm itself. Julie*ann is able to make things that every six-year-old girl wishes she could, and in a way that is skilled and pleasing to all thirty-something sparkle addicts.

Written by: Sarah Papple, September 15th 2007
Tags: charm, jewelry

That is very cute!