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"Decaf Tastes Like Ass" T-Shirt

The Rudechix line is all about honesty – letting your t-shirt/tank top/underwear say what you are too polite to say. Ranging from "I'm Cuter than You" to "Getting Tattoos When I'm 18" baby-wear, the clothes are funky, fun, and full of attitude. They are ideal for women who are tired of the old adage, "Sugar and spice and everything nice."

When my t-shirt came in the mail, I was very excited. Inside a coffee cup was the commentary, "Decaf Tastes Likes Ass." Red so soft it's almost pink, the shirt was pretty and biting at the same time.

Unfortunately, I did not get my chance to model it for the neighborhood. While this reviewer does not shop in plus-size stores, the XL tee was surprisingly small. Naturally, as a feminist, I was disappointed. I had requested an XL to be safe – surely XL women are not this size! I was forced to give it to my younger sister, who normally wears smalls and mediums.

The idea and style are both fantastic; my only hope is that Rudechix will realize that chunky girls have something to say too.

Written by: April D. Boland, February 19th 2007

Be watchin' your snail mail for a surprise, chica!!:)

Thanks Sherry! I was hesitant to be negative in my review because the shirt was just so cute :)

A note from Rudechix herself: Much to my dismay, American Apparel runs small... email us if you are interested in bigger sizes, and we will see what the future holds!!

Love the logo, hate the Barbie size.But it's FUNNNY!