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Devine Color: When Color Sings

What do you do when the taupe couch you loved in the store looks green when you combine it with the other furnishings in your living room? Before you return the couch to the store, read Devine Color: When Color Sings by Gretchen Schauffler.

In Devine Color, Schauffler educates readers about color and the effects it has on home décor. Her goal is to help her readers appreciate the beauty of their surroundings. She tackles common color myths, discusses color combinations and explains color associations.

Schauffler explains that every color in your home can fit into the six color categories (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple). Another color problem that is discussed is neutral color. She also claims that neutrals are not really colors on their own. Rather, neutrals often pick up the colors around them and can end up looking quite different than what was expected in the paint store.

Furthermore, Schauffler encourages readers to be proactive about color, put the items in their homes into color categories, and then to try new paint colors that enhance their surroundings. She maintains a friendly and helpful tone throughout and provides plenty of tips and tricks for enhancing home décor with items that are already present in the home. Schauffler makes readers feel like they can go out and pick the right colors for their home. The advice in Devine Color can be applied to home décor, as well as art and fashion.

Written by: Rekesha Spellman, June 7th 2007

Devine Color is the trademarked name of Ms. Schauffler's brand of paint.

Is there some reason "divine" is misspelled in the title, or is this just a bad mistake?