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Distressed Goth Girl Tee

So the Goth phase passed with the nineties, but that doesn’t mean you can't still wear a distressed little Goth girl on your tee to reflect your inner darkness. Furlesque’s tees look handmade, and there is no reason to doubt that they came from a hand-painted watercolor design. Their tees are soft to the touch and a little see through, but not too pleasing on the eye. Either the design of the little Goth girl in the middle is too small or there just isn’t enough to make this tee shirt feel like more than a fashion victim of a Goth trend.

The assortment of different sized rose prints on the front and the tree print on the back are a good way to put more into this design, but it feels like an add on rather than compliment to the shirt’s over all look, and you might get asked if you’d made the tee yourself. I admit that the design didn’t bring my Goth out to the surface, but it did remind me of that stack of Depeche Mode CD’s I’ve stashed in the garage.

Written by: Annie Moss, October 7th 2007
Tags: goth, t-shirt, tee