Elevate Difference

From the Heart

Imagine all of your favorite Dolly Parton songs, packaged together on one CD for instant listening pleasure. Wouldn’t it be nice to just pop that CD in and hear all of her best songs, spanning her entire career? Well, imagine no longer; Legacy Recordings has created precisely this album! Just another Best Of? No; this is more like an Ultimate Dolly Parton Playlist, for country music diehards and occasional listeners as well.

From the rocking beat of “Islands in the Stream” to the lilt of “You Are,” the variety of songs on this album will keep listeners interested and entertained. As is true for so many of Parton’s songs, the overarching theme of this album is love and relationships. “Old Flames Can’t Hold a Candle to You” celebrates staying true and honoring commitments, “Here You Come Again” focuses on lust and attraction, and “Love is Like a Butterfly” describes the emotional experience of being in love. Any love-themed collection by Dolly Parton wouldn’t be complete without “I Will Always Love You,” which proudly occupies a spot on From The Heart’s playlist.

Dolly Parton’s distinct voice is beautiful and strong on its own, but as fans know, she has worked with Kenny Rogers on two unforgettable chart-topping duets (“Islands in the Stream” and “Real Love”). Both of these songs are on From The Heart, further rounding out its representation of Parton’s style.

Couples looking for a great date album to set a romantic mood will definitely want to check out this album; Parton’s playful personality shines through while reflecting on the importance of love and its different stages. Parton seems to sing directly to each individual, touching on universal themes and real-world situations. As the last track plays, listeners will find themselves glowing with hope and love.

Written by: Amanda Moss, March 10th 2009

This makes me giddy, as I am a huge Dolly fan. Great review. Thanks! :)From fellow reviewer Brianna Stallings.