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Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics

Everyone's gone "green," but some have been doing it earlier than others. Dr. Hauschka Skin Care has provided holistic skin products for over four decades, and the original Dr. Hauschka was a Viennese chemist who sought to manufacture naturally healthy potions as early as the establishment of his laboratory in 1935. He used rose petals, and WALA Heilmittel (WALA is an acronym of warmth, air, light and ash, and "heilmittel" means "remedy") utilizes organic plant substances to this day. Apparently the plant of the month is the birch. While the birch is attractive in all seasons, I would personally prefer that my skin not peel off like the tree's canoe-ready bark, and it is a relief to know that there are both lotions and decorative cosmetics that will help me achieve this end.

I've always favored eye pencils over eyeliner, but the Dr. Hauschka liquid goes on smoothly and with control, so I may be converted. Also, less pressure is necessary, and it might be wiser to poke about the edge of one's eyes with a small brush instead of a stick. The "Stone" Colour series offers subtle shades reminiscent of agates and sand. However, subtlety may not to be a virtue to some: in 1936, the company Volupte introduced two lipsticks. One favored a refined, light, approach, and was advocated by Mademoiselle magazine as an accent for those who wore pastels and pearls, while the other was more dark and was suggested for women who wore more dramatic clothing. "Hussy" outsold "Lady" at a rate of five to one. The black mascara is a classic for hussies and ladies, and does appear to be more non-clumping and quicker-drying than my previous brand: two positives. Repeated applications have lasted well with indoor and outdoor exposure, including some vigorous Internet surfing and movie watching. I'll let you know how these pretty paints adhere in the garden.

Written by: Erika Mikkalo, May 18th 2009

Hey Anon- You might be interested in reading our review of Lush's Fair Trade mint foot lotion. :)

LUSH and Natural Living (New Zealand) are two cosmetics manufacturers that are more packaging aware.

i see your point - i'm not saying women need to give up makeup, lotions, etc... just that we need to think about the consequences. why can't we as consumers ask for green packaging? we have the buying power, so let's utilize it with the Earth in mind, not just our selves. 'some 'green' efforts better than none' does not cut it, not even a microscopic bit, in comparison to all the pollution one individual consumer causes.

Fair enough Anon but it isnt like people (women) will stop wearing makeup. Isnt at least some 'green' efforts better than none?

we have to get rid of the belief that plastic packaging is green. so what it's 'naturally healthy potions,' no thought is given to the toxic manufacturing of the plastics involved or where they end up after the makeup is gone.