Elevate Difference


Dreamers is a short and sweet, two-song demo. The tracks speak volumes in this brief introduction. The strongest point is Janyse herself. Janyse's a very talented pop vocalist. ABBA instantly came to mind as I heard her sing the first notes. She carries a certain sweetness, fun, and approachability that is both rare and welcomed. I would like to become better acquainted with the personality that matches and fuels this voice; the personality that is not very well expressed in this short demo. The weakest point is... well, the rest of it.

Holy shit, is it awful! Like many other women, Janyse is an above-the-line performer stuck in below-the-line composition. First of all, the lyrics are very simplistic and corny; they made me cringe and grit my teeth at their vapidity. They are perhaps better meant for children, sweating athletes popping squats at the gym, or obnoxious drunks dancing on tables at weddings. Secondly, Janyse's gifted vocal work makes the background music seem lazy in comparison. It's just terrible dance music with no originality or soul to spare. I imagine some basic dance tracks were hastily thrown behind her vocal track in order to put the spotlight focus on her, or as a suggestion as to how her voice could be used in future projects.

Janyse needs better lyrics to sing, interesting music composition, and more challenging pieces to meet her vocal skill. She could easily become a household name if she met a clever writer, experienced composer, and talented musicians to supplement her work. This demo is worth a listen in order to hear a future star's laughable beginning roots, a short burst of energy to fuel a frantic cardiovascular workout, or as a soundtrack to help exhaust a small child having a rambunctious sugar rush.

Written by: Jacquie Piasta, January 14th 2010
Tags: pop