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Dust Me Pink Sensual Body Powder

The Pure Romance website looks like a page out of Seventeen magazine with pictures of giggly, freckle-faced women and hearts and cursive, all splashed in shades of pink. And while the company’s mission is serious—empowering women to express and explore their sexuality—the products have the same playful feel the homepage reveals.

Pure Romance products range from light lotions to bondage accessories to vibrators, available in seven collections at prices that span a few dollars through $150. Some have catchy labels (like the sassy Coochy line), others have a romantic touch (like the Sweet Seduction lubricant) and others may appeal to people with a straightforward sensibility (like the Nympho Niagra stimulation cream).

The Dust Me Pink Sensual Body Powder is scented, flavored and comes with a flirty little feather applicator. I gave the Barely Berry flavor a whirl. Although the bubblegum scent was far from subtle, there was very little flavor. I was disappointed the powder didn’t dissolve better on the tongue and that it tasted… well, so much like powder.

Skip the edible part of play with this product and stick to the feathery-fun part of the exploration. The powder feels great, and with a light touch, is a silky, soft introduction to your partner’s beautiful body or your own.

As a company, Pure Romance is not just about products, it’s also about education. Through their sexual health initiatives, they speak on college campuses, and they’ve developed safe products for women challenged by breast cancer.

I wasn’t excited enough by the Sensual Body Powder to try another flavor. But because I believe in Pure Romance’s focus on sexual health and empowerment and because I applaud their initiatives, I would definitely support the company by giving one of their many other products a try.

Written by: Jessica Ashley, June 10th 2007