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Eco Lips Gold / Vegan Eco Lips / Eco Tints

The founding of Eco Lips is a charming romantic tale: a lone female balm-brewer gave out samples of her homemade lip tonic to friends, and an appreciative recipient sought her out, asked her hand, and upon their marriage, the couple invested her life's savings in the production of the limp balm “Hemp Lip Buzz.” I am happy to report that they're still at it, and that with the energetic assistance of their premier marketer, over two hundred competing lip balms were examined prior to the formulation of Eco Lips. This organic lip balm is handcrafted in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and distributed globally.

Basic 'pure & simple' balm flavors include grape, coconut, and kiwi-strawberry. The more cosmetically inclined Eco Tints is offered in rose quartz, plush red, and mocha velvet. Many products come with innovative carrying contraptions: the 'Eco Clip'—a convenient aluminum caribiner, or an 'Eco Leash'—a neoprene tube that can be clipped to a zipper. Purchasers can avoid using animal products or oppressing bees—a vegan 'bee-free' balm comes in Lemon-Lime, and now, Pomegranate. Orders of over fifteen dollars receive free shipping. The organization Shakti Rising—a women's recovery program—receives one dollar per tube purchased. Eco Lips also participates in the one percent 'Profit for the Planet' program. “Uncover – Rediscover – Reclaim” says Shakti's slogan. Cover your lips with any one of these soothing products, secure in the knowledge that you are avoiding parabens and harmful compounds. As their motto reminds: “Don't panic! – It's organic.”

Written by: Erika Mikkalo, September 9th 2009