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Welcome to My Bad Behavior

Do you miss Dolores O’Riordan and the Cranberries? I do. While edibleRed’s Welcome to My Bad Behavior doesn’t make me forget that I’m still waiting for the Cranberries to reunite, their new CD is an adequate replacement.

Although not nearly as distinctive sounding as Dolores, edibleRed’s lead singer Collette McLafferty is a chameleon that can swing from classically trained vocalist to full-on rocker. The girl has an amazing range and injects psychedelic cool into all the tracks, especially “Welcome to My Bad Behavior” and a Radiohead-esque (and unrecognizable) cover of Andre Benjamin’s “Hey Ya.”

Add McLafferty’s strapping pipes to a quartet of talented musicians that includes cellist Dave Eggar, Grammy nominated drummer Tom Papadatos, bassist Marty Osterer and Sean McMechen on lead guitar, and you get a blend of indie pop that well… pops. Catchy and kitschy, edibleRed should soon acquire new fans, and at least one of their songs should make it onto indie music mainstream platform Grey’s Anatomy (“Sugar and Spring” was already featured on the L Word).

Written by: Mónica Teresa Ortiz, June 14th 2007
Tags: pop, rock

they're a fun band and cool if you like pop in your rock.

Cool, I'm totally missing the Cranberries, and I wouldn't have known about this band otherwise.