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Eggy Cup

Scrumdidlyump is the tongue-twisting brainchild of Katie Elkins, who (according to her Etsy profile) comes from the faraway land of Dixie and lives in the land of weirdos - an obviously highly enlightened place. Her Etsy store is a perfect reflection of this weirdness. It’s a place where curiosity can lead online shoppers to beautiful clay dishes, silly spoons, wonderful vases, crazy cups, and what concerns us today: the mystical, majestic Eggy Cup - a diminutive, stand-like egg holding device.

This craft begs the question "which came first - the chicken, the egg or the Eggy Cup?" I could not help but think that my little Eggy Cup, what with its cute tripod legs and tiny, baby blue, glazed bowl resembles a miniature sacred shrine. Maybe, if we focus on the really important things in life, we will recognize the almost sacred power of the egg.

Yes, the aborted chicken deserves reverence. So I refuse to think of my little Eggy Cup as a shallow, useless goodie. Instead, I’ll call it what it really is: a necessary implement, a shrine for delivering the sustenance that life requires. And when my doting husband awakens this morning to cook an omelet for me, he’ll take solace in knowing he put the Eggy Cup to good use. And so will I.

Written by: Laura Koffler, July 16th 2008
Tags: crafts, etsy