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Eliza Redford Necklace

The Eliza Redford Necklace from Paper Treasure is definitely unique. It was named after a ship that wrecked in a storm on Lake Ontario on November 16, 1893. The necklace it makes you think about the ship that wrecked and the people on it. It takes you back to a far off place and time and makes you wonder about what happened on that day.

The necklace has a round, gold locket that opens, allowing the wearer to keep a picture of a loved one close to your heart. Both the face of the locket and the inside can hold a photo. The locket has a smaller medallion and a feather attached to it. They are almost pewter in color so the charms contrast with the gold. The medallion has intricate etchings on the front and back, including an inscription of the word dragon, which is quite lovely.

The chain for the piece is made of recycled gold with vintage silver-toned links. It is quite long, so the locket naturally hangs low on the neck. You don’t have to wear the necklace long though; you can adjust the length of the chain to suit your needs. At the clasp's end there is a tiny etching of a ship sailing through the water, which is a neat little surprise!

The company's name, Paper Treasure, invokes the feeling that simply by visiting the website you are sure to find a beautiful bounty just like the Eliza Redford. The piece is not just decorative to the body, but can also function as wall art by hanging it from your mirror or somewhere special to give it meaning. When your friends and family ask where you found such an unusual piece of jewelry, you will certainly have a story to tell them.

Written by: Amber Whitman-Currier, July 18th 2009