Elevate Difference


As I listened to Elizabeth Cook’s new album Balls, I wanted to open the window and scream, “Why doesn’t country radio play her songs?” I love country music that sounds authentic, the kind that one has to search the internet to find. Cook’s music definitely fits the bill. I really appreciated the blend of different old-time sounds: bluegrass, rockabilly and traditional country. Cooks seamlessly blends the three styles while giving it her own unique twist.

Balls is a stellar album from an undervalued singer. All eleven tracks are fantastic and make for great car-ride play. Not only does Cook possess a sweet soprano voice similar to Alison Krauss, but great songwriting ability as well. On the opening track, “Times are Tough in Rock n’ Roll,” a bluegrass-flavored tune, Cooks makes her disapproval with the current state of pop music known loudly and clearly. “Sometimes It Takes Balls to Be a Woman” is a rousing feminist anthem with a rockabilly sound. “He Got No Heart” blasts a lover with the searing line: "I’d shoot him down if I knew where to aim.”

Perhaps one day country radio will wake up and discover Elizabeth Cook is the real deal: a traditional country singer with soul, and a songwriter with much to say.

Written by: Gina-Marie Cheeseman, July 6th 2007

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