Elevate Difference

Emerita Natural Lubricant

Anything that crosses my pantyline has to appeal to my senses and pass a rigorous background check. This lube scored an eight on appeal, and a ten on personality. The packaging is attractive: subtle, unique, neither boring nor racy, more hip and less incriminating than a bottle of other top brand lubes. The two-ounce bottle is discreet enough for a first date and ample enough for at least a third and fourth. The price, $8.99, seems right, comparable to what I’ve paid for other natural lubricants. I also like that it is practically odor-free, more than other ‘unscented’ lubricants. Like most water-based lubes, it washes out easily. The one let-down, ubiquitous to most water-based lubes I’ve found, is evaporation. I really put it to the test, using it during the driest part of my cycle, which for me is like trying to raft in the Mojave desert. The lube got a little bit sticky and pasty as it dried up, but rehydrated just fine.

After researching the company, I wanted the lube to perform a bit more miraculously than it did. Emerita is a woman-owned and operated company with a variety of natural, herbal products for skin care, perimenopausal and menopausal women, and my favorite category of care: sexual vitality! The website contained understandable information about the ingredients that agreed with what I’ve learned as an herbal student. I was also pleased by the images on the website: women enjoying their healthy, beautiful bodies - cellulite, wrinkles and all.

Written by: Heather Irvine, July 19th 2007