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The End of Mr. Y

The End of Mr. Y is a science fiction fantasy story. Ariel Manto is a doctoral student writing about a mysterious author, T.E. Lumas. His final book, The End of Mr. Y has never been read by anyone alive because whoever reads the book disappears. After spending the last of her money on the book, Ariel uses it to fall into a trance and enter the Troposphere – an alternate dimension where she can travel through time and space.

This book is long – clocking it at about 400 pages. While it did pique my interest, it was not a thrilling page turner. I set it down for a few days and was perfectly happy to leave it there, with no urge to continue reading just to know what happens next. The End of Mr. Y references a lot of science and philosophy from the late 1800s that some might not be familiar with. Without such familiarity it would be hard to keep up with references to Charles Darwin and a large cast of thinkers. The book, however, is an interesting read once you get past all the references; it turns into a great adventure story.

Written by: Katie Peoples, March 13th 2007