Elevate Difference

Euoko’s Y-00 Instant Precision Cellular Masque / Leaf & Rusher’s Active Serum

Air pollution is one of the biggest environmental hazards in India. Caused largely by vehicles with aged diesel engines and industrial emissions, the same technology that is moving the country forward in the global economy is moving people backward in terms of individuals’ health. Half of the children in Bangalore are now afflicted with asthma, and Kolkata has the highest number of cases of lung cancer in the world. High levels of pollution also have adverse effects on our skin, and while pollution may be causing the Taj Mahal to lose some of its outer gleam, there are ways to prevent it from hindering your own personal glimmer.

In addition to washing your face daily with soap after rising in the morning and then before you rest at night, adding a weekly routine of using Euoko’s Y-00 Instant Precision Cellular Masque will help enrich your skin through a deep multi-vitamin cleansing. Made from Amazonian clay, antioxidants, and free-radical annihilating acai, a warm tingling begins the minute you slather a coat of the thick, muddy cream onto your face. which made me a little nervous at first: is this supposed to give off so much heat? I looked at the package: “Human tested. This product has not been tested on animals. Euoko does not perform or endorse animal testing and does not engage others to do so.”

Okay, so I was just being silly. It has been a while since I’ve used a face mask, much less one made from such a sophisticated combination of ingredients. Euoko is a truly multi-national company that produces its luxury skin care line using 102 ingredients from Switzerland, Spain, France, Canada, the United States, the Amazonian Rainforest, the Kalahari Desert, and Denmark. They scientifically test their concoctions in clinical studies held in France, Mexico, Canada, and Denmark; manufacture them in Canada; and have a base of operations in Toronto, San Diego, Geneve, Milano, and London. All that effort of input pays off, as the output of using the Y-00 Instant Precision Cellular Masque is well worth the lavish price tag for the 1.7oz opaque container.

Couple this cleansing mask with Leaf & Rusher’s Active Serum for Sensitive Skin, and you’ve got the makings of a beautiful skin care friendship. Intended for daily use, the Active Serum is used to “improve the skin’s texture, tone, and firmness.” Having watched my dimples deepen and my laugh lines become more pronounced in recent years, I find that my feminist desire to age gracefully is in conflict with that other part of my self that wants to remain physiologically youthful. I doubt I’m the only one dealing with the presence of this contradiction. So while I’m working it out internally, I’ll be working it out externally with the Active Serum.

Leaf & Rusher are two guys—one a medical doctor and the other a registered nurse—who are serious about skin care, and the Active Serum is their most popular product. Made of ingredients I can’t pronounce, the serum is a dollop of smooth oil that glides over the skin and dries almost instantly. It has a smell so faint that you might just miss it, as it disappears on contact. I’ve been using the Active Serum for three weeks now and, to my surprise, have noticed a new glow and increased firmness in my skin. It’s not simply marketing folks; this is the magic of modern science.

While using Euoko’s Y-00 Instant Precision Cellular Masque and Leaf & Rusher’s Active Serum won’t decontaminate the air or reverse global warming, they will help to purify your skin and combat noticeable aging. If you want to do something to stop pollution, well, you’ll have to take your pretty face to your local politician and tell them that taking steps that benefit the majority of human lives is more important than monetary gain for a deplorable few.

Written by: Mandy Van Deven, November 11th 2009