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Protecting Women and Animals

As we enter into a year-and-a-half or so of political mayhem leading up to the Presidential election, we’re sure to hear a lot about top issues pertaining to women voters. Among them: healthcare. And while the issue of animal rights might not be specifically mentioned at the top of the list, it might as well be. After all, animal rights issues have a lot to do with healthcare—more specifically, women’s healthcare.

If you’re not sure about this, take a look at Fem_Fatalities_.com. A very credible, robust, and thorough site dedicated to protecting women and animals. Its content balances integrity with provocation. By that I mean that the editorial is direct and honest, and may be perceived by some as disturbing. Yet with the directness comes a high level of trust—trust that we can handle the truth and would be angered, disappointed even, by anything less.

On the home page, a spotlight on feminist icon Gloria Steinem who recently charged that the National Institute of Health is putting women’s health at risk by wasting tax dollars and conducting cruel and pointless animal testing.

The site also features various stories and investigations related to animal cruelty, campaign updates, ways to get involved, and a list of companies and charities that do and do not test on animals.

Adding to its credibility is the inclusion of high-grade video. Currently airing, a piece on primate torture at Columbia University as well as a PETA piece that is sure to make you think twice about buying certain brands of mascara. Be forewarned and enter these videos at your own risk. They’re not for the faint of heart. Of course, there’s nothing like a healthy dose of reality to affect change, and that is what Fem_Fatalities_.com is counting on.

It’s also counting on one very feminine trait: compassion. I mean, the thought that women were gaining at the expense of animals’ lives is heartbreaking. And, really, could there be anything more paradoxical?

A visit to this site is well worth the look. Not only is it an eye-opening experience, but it’s a way to stretch those feminist muscles, become active and help stop the cruelty.

Written by: Sharon R. Cole, January 20th 2007