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Fight Like A Girl: How To Be A Fearless Feminist

As a young student activist, I often struggled with the idea that somehow we, as organizers, were supposed to “know” what we were doing and further that we were doing it better than those who came before us. In Megan Seely’s powerful book, Fight Like a Girl, Seely dispels the notion that there are secrets to successful organizing by creating a step by step, compelling manual that challenges even the cynical.

As the youngest ever elected president of the California National Organization for Women (CA-NOW), serving from 2001-2005, Seely opens her book with her first memory of injustice, the United Farm Workers movement. Her moment of rage at the grocery store with a store manager, unconcerned with where the grapes came from or their significance to workers rights, is easy to relate too; we share her struggle. Seely is a young woman, a third wave feminist, and her struggle is the personal entangled with the political. The writing is candid and fresh. But, this is not a memoir of personal stories, moments and notes on one woman’s personal revolution, thankfully. There is a clear balance between important political lessons and personal revelations. Seely understands the stakes and instead of telling us “how,” she demonstrates through personal stories, calls to action, and step-by-step instructions for fearless feminist living.

Written by: Courtney Ham, April 6th 2007

Sop glad you reviewed this book! It really is the perfect primer to learn about the movement, the issues and how to be an activist. I love Seely's style and her personal stories really spoke to me. Thanks for being online and bringing so much great lit and theory to the attention of the blogosphere!