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Fight Global Women's Organic T-Shirt

If you’re going to be a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl, you’ve got to go out of your way to make sure your tees have something interesting to say. If you’re going to be a t-shirt and jeans girl who lives in New York City, that message should make a statement about art or politics. The Fight Global Women’s Organic T-shirt from Autonomie Project does both.

Specifically made for a female body, this soft-cotton tee lightly clings to my curves while still providing room to breathe. I'm an XL wearin' gal, so this seemingly small detail is important. I love my body and all, but I'm not trying to show my goodies to the globe, ya know?

The cap sleeves and scooped neck design breathe a smidge of femininity into this traditionally genderless top. The deep charcoal color flirts with a kind of rock 'n roll sex appeal that is enhanced by the stencils-and-spraypaint DIY-esque design. The additional length of the shirt suits my above average height; instead of creeping above my belt like other tees, the bottom seam of this one remained at my hips.

True to its own message, the Fight Global Tee is made with eco-friendly dyes through a Fair Trade and sweatshop-free business practice. The message is also an apt fit for this particular time in my life. After living in India for two years, I’ve decided to shift my grassroots organizing work toward one with a focus on international needs. Perhaps wearing this tee when I interview will give me a bit of an edge; at the very least, I’d make an impression.

Written by: Mandy Van Deven, March 8th 2010

sweet! I want one!