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Figures of Resistance: Essays in Feminist Theory

Figures of Resistance is a collection of essays, including previously unpublished lectures and essays, by the absolutely brilliant, feminist thinker Teresa de Lauretis. The texts in this collection span from the concept of feminist aesthetics (or deaesthetics) in film as well as the notion of the narrative, and lesbianism. This collection is perfect for both those already familiar with de Lauretis’s work and those unfamiliar.

Patricia White, the editor of the book, has organized de Laurestis’s texts beautifully. The collection is broken down into three sections: “Representations” which includes essays on cinema, literature and theory with a focus on self-representation in contrast to the medium; “Readings,” in which each text is focusing on a very specific subject for analysis (ranging from a short passage in a novel to a film); and “Epistemologies,” which focuses on ways of knowing and formulates figures of feminist consciousness. Also, each section the text is arranged chronologically, which gives the reader a chance to develop their own thoughts along with Teresa de Lauretis.

This collection is a rare and exciting opportunity to encapsulate the work of a critic and thinker at the top of her game. Figures of Resistance is a must have for any one with interest in feminist film theory, feminism, film and aestheics.

Written by: Jen May, July 3rd 2007