Elevate Difference

The Films of Su Friedrich, Vol. 4: Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is a brilliant movie that explores the real life stories of lesbians' self actualization of who they are during their childhood interwoven with the story of one little girl who - though on the outside she is just like the rest of the girls in her class - she knows that there is something fundamentally different about her. There is also some very interesting footage of very old 1950s-style biology documentaries on homosexuality.

Are we a product of our genetics or are we a product of our environment? This is the question that is debated amongst many leading psychologists and sociologists. Friedrich’s answer to this question is that it is a matter of genetics, using actual accounts of how women at young ages found themselves attracted to those of the same sex and always knew there was something different. Friedrich puts a face to the debate. These are not just statistics or abstract labels; these are actual people with feelings and life experiences.

The movie also gives some insight into this world for those of us who are not homosexual and allows us to connect with our lesbian kin at a very feminine level. Through those very fragile pre-teen and post-pubescent female years, many experiences are shared: the same the games, the social struggles and the desire to feel comfortable in our own skin.

I highly recommend this film to anyone who has struggled with their identity, and to family members of those who have recently “come out.” This movie is a valuable tool in breaking down the negativity that has plagued the lesbian community.

Written by: Diana Tierney, May 2nd 2007