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Fluffalicious! Craft Podcast

The Fluffalicious! podcast is a welcomed edition to the DIY and crafting podcast world. Barbe St. John and Natasha Fialkov are mixed media and fiber artists who have grown tired of podcasts that focus on one craft. On Fluffalicious!, Barbe and Natasha talk about their current projects and discuss craft and art books.

In Episode 1, Barbe and Natasha discuss an armwarmer and a paper bead tutorial that are available on their blogs. Additionally, they talk about making handmade gifts for friends and family. They also discuss wool allergies and spinning fiber from wool.

Episode 2 is about pricing craftwork. Barbe and Natasha discuss crafters and artists who do not charge enough for their work. They suggest crafters pay themselves a living wage. Barbe and Natasha also suggest comparing work to other crafters to get ideas for pricing work.

Overall, Fluffalicious! is a lively, conversational, and informative podcast. Hopefully, Barbe and Natasha will continue to share their love of crafting with their growing audience.

Written by: Rekesha Spellman, June 4th 2007