Elevate Difference

Forever Tattoo Almond Standard Pillowcase Set

Bedding that’s cool. Bedding that’s hot. Bedding that’s fun. Not how one would usually describe the material that covers the place they sleep. But then again most people haven’t been introduced to Sin in Linen.

A passionate lady with a penchant for the “seductive whimsy” of 1940s and 1950s pin-up, Sandy Glaze decided to start her own “soft goods enterprise” when she realized there wasn’t any bedding that suited her style. With the help of her mother, Iris, the two launched Sin in Linen. The company is based in Seattle, Washington and home to a wide range of counterculture motifs. From pinup to skulls, and with colors to suit any fancy, the company ensures everyone’s alternative aesthetic will be satisfied.

Not only are Sin in Linen's products stylish, but they are high quality as well. I had the good fortune of experiencing pure pleasure when I unpacked my Forever Tattoo almond standard pillowcase set. The soft feel of the 300- thread-count Egyptian cotton made me want to snuggle up in bed with my new linens.

For those who are not familiar with thread count, it is the number of horizontal and vertical threads in woven into one square-inch of fabric. The thread count is used to identify the quality and strength of the textile. In addition to the higher-the-average thread count, Sin in Linen uses Egyptian cotton, an extra-long staple cotton that is usually equated with luxury products. Both of these features make for a softer more sensuous feel. So, it was no wonder I was eager to cozy up with my new well-attired pillows.

In addition to bedding, Sin in Linen offers curtains, towels, glassware, and some apparel. It’s the perfect place to find a treat for yourself and a gift for a friend. The easy-to-navigate website is also informative, as one visitor wrote, and provides a forum for events and Sin in Linen's product sightings on its blog.

Some favorite prints to keep an eye out for when visiting the site are Flash Tattoo (for the tough-edged princess who looks heavenly in white), Night Shade Vine (for a touch of indulgence), and Wish You Were Here Pinup (for some plain old sexy fun!). For now I’ll be sticking with my Forever Tattoo pillowcases and encouraging anyone who is a sleep-time queen to check out the rest of this company's gratifying selection.

Written by: Irene Wazgowska, September 18th 2010