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From the Heart

Think back to a time when the art of "wooing" someone was appreciated, a skill that was improved and mastered over time. This was a time when walking hand-in-hand with your beloved was considered a milestone in a relationship. In this era—mid-twentieth century America—From the Heart was born, traveling through time, space, and dimension to sweep us off our feet.

This is the loveliest assemblage of Sinatra's early work. With a focus on magnificent orchestrations best exemplified in the opening track "Blue Skies,” this compilation inspires the listener to be a little more graceful and formal in their daily life. That bygone era, for all of its negative connotations and realities (from World War II to institutionalized racism and sexism), gave the world a new vision and, in the end, placed a silver lining on the clouds that loomed large on the horizon. Such silver linings are much needed, maybe even more so today.

The fourth track, "Dream (When You’re Feeling Blue)" prompts the listener to lift her proverbial chin, and recognize that hope reigns eternal. The classic "I've Got a Crush on You" is the last track on the album, and it reminds one of the deliciousness of "crushing" on someone; that giddiness that you get in just thinking about your prospective love.

This collection of music is delightful in its simplicity and heartwarming in its orchestration. There is something very special about new beginnings, and this collection of songs brings us back to the early stages of Sinatra's career. I highly recommend From the Heart for those moments of nostalgia that are even better when shared with those you love and who love you back.

Written by: Susan G. Reyes Vasquez, March 15th 2009
Tags: jazz, love