Elevate Difference

She Rocked Me

I wanted to like this album. I like rock and roll, and The Fury is a straightforward rock and roll band. Perhaps the songs are too straightforward, which explains my failure to really enjoy the work. There are no surprises here. Each song sounds like what one would expect from a bar band. The vocalist has a slightly bluesy, weathered voice with little in the way of range. The guitar breaks are short and predictable, with a muddied sound. The songs deal with very basic topics - failed relationships, life on the road, and general angst. The production is good. No one instrument drowns out the others. There is some use of keyboard which I thought was a nice touch. It was disappointing that I could not hear the bass guitar. I did visit The Fury's website, and I get the idea that the band can most be appreciated live. If the members can translate some of that energy into the studio, future albums might not be so bland. There is nothing to hate here, but there is also nothing to make this band stand out from any other band of their ilk.

Written by: Steve Watson, March 25th 2007
Tags: angst, rock