Elevate Difference

Gardening From the Ground Up Part 1

Never judge a book by the cover. Never judge the content of a CD by the title. I was expecting an album on basic gardening. I was surprised when I opened the package and saw that instead of a how-to CD, it was the debut album of Sarah Elizabeth Foster. This artist began studying music at the age of four. She is a classically trained vocalist who has fulfilled her ultimate dream of being a singer/songwriter in New York City. By persevering through intensive vocal therapy, Foster made a “miraculous recovery” from the diagnosis of a benign, vocal cord polyp.

Gardening from the Ground Up Part 1 is a display of the singer’s vocal range and the songwriter’s poetic lyrics. Foster brings her values and beliefs to this project. All of the CD covers are printed with recycled materials. She donates one percent of album sales to 1% For The Planet, a non-profit organization which donates to environmental charities.

“Wake Up” is the first track on the album. It is a young girl’s conflicting mental conversation. She retreats from life by day and longs for the day come the night. Foster implores us to wake up and start living. “Gardening from the Ground Up” has metaphorical lyrics comparing a romantic relationship to weeding a garden. She loves him and he loves her, but in the process, she has lost herself. The song concludes with “I’m gardening from the ground up, but I can’t pull this weed. It will come back. He will come back.”

“Missing You Now” is a nostalgic love song which is written in the musical style of a waltz. “Be My Friend Always” is the only track that, according to the artist’s website, was recorded live in the studio. This is a soulful song of friendship. “Let’s Go Away,” I think speaks to us all. At some point in time, we all just want to escape. The songwriter invites us to join her and leave everything behind.

With just five tracks, this disc features instrumental and vocal variety. I am looking forward to Part 2. This time, I have a good idea what to expect.

Written by: Maryann Gromisch, January 31st 2010