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Ginger Brooch

Ugly yet endearing, the Damned Dollies brooches have that freak chic element that appeals to the fourteen-year-old goth girl inside all of us. Approximately two inches tall, the handmade brooches are big enough to make a fashion statement yet small enough not to hinder regular movement and can be secured easily to a bag or jacket. As the Damned Dollies website claims, I received a brooch similar to, but not exactly like, the model shown online. The online version of the Ginger Brooch featured a red-haired doll with a white top and pink patterned skirt. The Ginger Brooch I received had black hair with a pink top and black skirt. Same style, different colors. As promised though, the angry expression painted on the doll’s face was identical to the one online. The website claims that while many of the brooches are similar, no two are alike, making each brooch unique. Perfect if you’re into one-of-a-kind pieces, but if you’re picky about colors, then this probably isn’t the accessory for you. I fastened the brooch to the outside of my purse and was pleased with how well it held up. After a few weeks of being exposed to the elements and bounced around my car, the only visible damage to the doll was some slight mussing of its hair. The Damned Dollies brooches are available online and at various stores in Canada and the United States.

Written by: Victoria Kroeger, June 28th 2007
Tags: brooch, doll, goth