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Gingerbread 1930s Waterproof Mascara

The Gingerbread 1930s Waterproof Mascara from Bésame Cosmetics is a great all natural make-up find, especially for those with make-up sensitivities. The gold-plated tube is gorgeous, and the mascara is soft, pliable stuff that smells like yummy gingerbread, hence its name.

Bésame Cosmetics is a cool, environmentally-friendly, luxury make-up line that appears to support and encourage women by providing products that are meant to help today’s busy working woman look and feel feminine without taking a lot of time and energy. The style of Bésame's products is a throwback to the Art Deco movement, a time when the look of a piece of make-up was just as important as how it appeared on your face. Considered a “responsible luxury brand,” Bésame Cosmetics only uses non-toxic, natural ingredients in their products and refuses to test on animals. Another awesome thing about Bésame products is that all of their make-up is created in small batches so that they remain fresh. It’s always nice to know that your make-up has not been sitting in a warehouse for who knows how long!

Allergy tested and paraben-free, this mascara actually doesn’t clump! Really! While it is not the best ‘thickening’ mascara I have ever used (it would take about ten minutes of application to get my desired ‘thick lashes’ look), it is definitely the best in terms of lengthening and separating; however, it is also a matter of taste. If you prefer to wear less mascara, this is absolutely the perfect product for you!

I really enjoyed the scent, which I could still smell after application! The “sweet, spicy gingerbread aroma” is from natural conditioning oils and food grade colorants, and apparently, this “special combination dates back to the 1930s!” The mascara remained soft as I continued to apply it and did not get stiff or brittle. My lashes looked totally fringy and soft!

Another great thing about this mascara is that, while it is waterproof, it is also easy to remove! I can always count on my other waterproof mascara staying put for the next three days, which is extremely annoying, but this mascara is easily removed with soap and water.

This latest addition to Bésame Cosmetics' “famous and classic era-style make-up line” will make a welcome addition to your make-up bag!

Written by: Kent Page McGroarty, July 9th 2008

How wonderful! I've never heard of scented mascara. Sounds lovely. I wonder where I can get it? (Whole Foods? Sephora?)

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