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Glass Bird Pendent Necklace

I live in a city so overrun by crows that some days I am sure I'm stuck in some Hitchcockian nightmare. Every morning I wake up to the birds' cacophonous squawking, a sound that is now lodged in my psyche in the most obnoxious way. I don't have to set an alarm clock; by 6 a.m. I am sure to be awakened by the ubiquitous chorus of caw. You'd think the daily repetition would lend itself to becoming white noise, but the song of the crow is abrasive enough to prevent such a blessed adaptation from taking place.

When I heard on NPR that a recent scientific study confirms crows have the ability to recognize human faces, I felt this was exciting news. Apparently a survival strategy for the species, crows imprint one's visage in their tiny bird brains in order to discern who has an unfriendly face. The faces of those who effectively scare crows can be remembered for several years. "Good," I thought. "I want the suckers to know it's me wildly gesturing and loudly clapping every time I shoo them off my veranda."

Fortunately, my hatred of crows hasn't soured me on all things fowl. In fact I am quite impressed by The Glass Bird Pendant Necklace I received from Leila Cools. Perhaps my love of fused glass has something to do with this, but I'm also partial to Canadians—or their healthcare system anyway.

This one-of-a-kind sunny yellow pendent with a splash of cream in the center reminds me of a large, glossy Chiclet. Hanging from a sixteen-inch cream cotton cord, the pendent cozily rests in my sternal notch. The burgundy rendering of a bird on a branch provides a nice color contrast, though I'm a little unsure about the pixelated edges, which make the image appear blurry. If my necklace is going to look like a lustrous, over-sized piece of gum, I prefer a cleaner image to convey it's not—but this is a minor complaint.

For $25 Leila Cools' fused glass necklaces offer you a lot of choice; the option of multiple glass and cord colors, a wide variety of print designs, and many different shapes mean you can customize your jewelry to be exactly as you'd like it. Perhaps next time I'll choose a bicycle print. Those are much more useful than crows.

Written by: Mandy Van Deven, August 23rd 2009