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The Gleason's Gym Total Body Boxing Workout for Women: A 4-Week Head-to-Toe Makeover

Being a personal trainer, I enjoy reading all the fitness books that hit the market. Most of them have gimmicky workouts and strict eating regimens that are almost impossible to maintain long enough to see good results. Admittedly, I thought this book would be the same. Boxing for women? Surely some marketing genius was riding the coattails of a blockbuster movie, but what the heck… I am a trainer… it is what I do.

World-renowned trainer Hector Roca and owner of Gleason's Gym (an icon in the world of boxing), Bruce Silverglade, have published boxing secrets for women in The Gleason's Gym Total Body Boxing Workout for Women. This book outlines a step-by-step program that promises to get any woman into knockout shape in just four weeks.

Four weeks? Okay, so everyone knows that boxing is a dynamic exercise program in and of itself, but four weeks? I had to put it to the test. I read the book, looked over the drawings that I found particularly appealing to the female eye, learned the moves and got started, but I was mystified. Where was the strict eating plan? I searched the book cover to cover to find that the eating plan for a boxer was just using common sense, and that the best food for boxers was beans and rice! My vegetarian self was overjoyed! I can eat my carbs and get lean too? I was eager to put this program to the test!

Using unique combinations of muscle groups and both aerobic and weight training movements, this program works out the entire body at one time! Very effective and time saving, this program won’t send you to the poor house either; all you are going to need is a jump rope and the motivation to get started (look at Hillary Swank’s arms in Million Dollar Baby). Hector Roca takes you from how to make a fist all the way to awesome combinations. The most difficult part for me was getting reaquainted with my jump rope. Boxers jump rope because it helps with balance, speed, agility and it burns fat like nothing else!

So here I sit 4 weeks after starting the program. Does it work? Well, it worked for me. I am down 8 lbs. and 6 inches. If you need to switch up to a more exciting workout program that won’t leave you starving but give you results, I highly recommend $2.00 jump rope, a bean burrito and this book.

Written by: Hobbs, July 31st 2007

Not only do I love that the reviewer put this prescriptive text to the test; I have a big soft spot for boxing and am so glad another vote of confidence for it is out there, especially from someone who does this stuff for a living! It IS a great workout - I took an intensive class two summers ago - and I've been kicking myself to go back because it's such a great rush and makes you feel so empowered. Awesome review - I might just have to pick this up and try some of the old moves at home.

Awesome, I just went out and bought it.

Thanks for the review, this definitely sounds like the kind of workout plan I can stick to!