Elevate Difference

Global Feminisms

Global Feminisms is a beautifully compiled collection of feminist art from all over the world, literally. Instead of focusing on works from the past, however, the earliest of the pieces in this book date from the year 1990 and looks forward to the future of feminism and art. The countless paintings, sculptures, pieces of installation art, photographs, portraits, etc. come from fifty countries and all continents (excluding Antarctica), and challenges the notion that feminism is Western-centric and male defined. It is comprehensive and easy to read, without being dry or inaccessible.

This book manages to cover such a broad arena so smoothly. Its chapters are focused: “Gender Mobility: The Lens of Five Women Artists in India,” “Post-Totalitarian Art: Eastern and Central Europe” and “What is Contemporary About Asian-American Women’s Art?” are just a few of the many chapters. The intersections of race, class and sex are presented, and many of the pieces deal with cultural, political, economic, gender and sexual identities. The artists share their experiences as women in their particular culture and have created profound works that inspire dialogue, critiques or, simply, wonder.

The art in this book is outstanding on its own with its tremendous diversity and scope – either in presentation, media and look; however, they all unite beautifully to present a successful global presentation of feminist art. And though the art can speak for itself, the writing accompanying it I fantastic and educational. A true enjoyment to read!

Written by: Yujean Park, July 30th 2007