Elevate Difference

Standing in the Way of Control

The Gossip’s new album, Standing in the Way of Control, is more than interesting and different in itself. Partly, it doesn’t even sound like the Gossip. Bluesy punk of previous albums has been replaced with a garage, New York punk sound. However, this is actually done very nicely, and the audience is not lost during the change. This can be easily seen in Beth Ditto’s refined vocals, usually the raspier, bluesy texture; in Standing in the Way of Control they are stronger and give the tracks more of an edge. All of these elements cane be seen in the first track on the album, “Fire With Fire.” The first obvious quality is excellent drumming, then vocals oozing over, reeling you in to their art scene. Guitars follow the drumming, while vocals are battling the rhythm section. This track is almost three minutes, like most songs on the album. Harder and faster, this album, in the spirit of fellow Kill Rock Stars band, Sleater-Kinney, has produced a rockier impulse.

Written by: Nancy Wolfe, December 4th 2006