Elevate Difference

The Graffiti Artist

In a nocturnal urban landscape, The Graffiti Artist takes you on an intimate journey into the world of an underground artist. Nick (Ruben Bansie-Snellman), a postmodern hero, wanders through the city’s wasteland asserting an anarchistic agenda on the endless maze of virgin city walls. Nick’s solo graffiti project is interrupted by a brief friendship with fellow "tagger," Jesse (Pepper Fajans). Their mutual love for graffiti art turns them onto innumerous collaborations that they leave all over the city. Soon their communication becomes less verbal, but more psychical. As we dive deeper into their relationship, political, emotional and ethical issues arise causing their relationship to fade to the point where they both feel alienated from each other. With its compelling themes, sensitive performances, and luscious visuals, this film emerges you into a subculture that most of us have no idea exists. Although lacking in dialog, the characters’ silence seems to add to the film’s appeal. That combined with a truly outstanding soundtrack by Kid Loco more than makes up for it. The backdrop was quite impressive and not overwhelming to the viewer. This is a beautiful, surreal movie showcasing a talented artist who will go to the limit to express himself. Clearly this film’s bottom line is about free speech and survival.

Written by: Beth Hillyard, December 18th 2006