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Gray Flower Beret

I guess you could say that hats have always been my ‘thing.’ It really started the first time I shaved my head… and then soon after decided to grow my hair back in again. It was a long process in which hats played an integral part. I repeated this process several times throughout my twenties. Now, a mom, I love hats and any hair covering article that can erase the clues to the timing of my last shower in one fell swoop.

When my CoverYourHair.com hat arrived, I was giddy. It was very cute and, well, like I said, I love hats. I have a slightly larger than normal head, but it fit well, snuggly and with ear coverage, and without too much of an itch factor (it is ten percent nylon, twenty percent angora, seventy percent wool blend). The flower gives it a nice look, and overall I really like it. I was momentarily disgruntled to see that it was made in China. Not poorly made, mind you, but that piece of information on the tag put me off, but I have forgiven them, and now I will explain why.

There is more to CoverYourHair.com than first meets the eye when one cute hat arrives for review. As I explored the website, I discovered that CoverYourHair.com is a pretty rockin’ internet hat shop designed primarily for females. Their featured book, Hide and Seek: Jewish Women and Hair Covering explains the religious history of head covering by Jewish women. And in October, breast cancer awareness revealed how much these hair accessories are also designed for people who need more than just a fashion accent, but head covering options as they undergo treatments for cancer.

The website has demonstration videos, like “How to Tie a Tichel,” as well as a well-written and regularly updated blog. Some of the products, like the tichels, I just love, and am looking forward to purchasing. They also have turbans, prettied bandanas, snoods, berets, hair clips, baby head bands… you name it. So, for a simple gray hat, I have a nod and a smile. For the overall line up of CoverYourHair.com, I have a hearty recommendation. Honestly, I am beginning to think that as our globe becomes a village, it is entirely possible that we need to accept China in the role of the manufacturing house, and keep up hope that the rest of us also find good spots in the village as well.

If you need to cover your hair for religious reasons, to empower you in a medical struggle, or simply to make yourself feel better when the mirror cries for a change of scene, check out these products. You won’t be sorry.

Written by: Jen Wilson Lloyd, November 30th 2010
Tags: wool, hat