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Green Apple Soap

Green Apple Soap comes in a plain package with information about the product and the maker, Karina. There are no logos, and you won’t find any fillers or chemicals in the soap either. The little, translucent green soap bar has a very pleasant smell to it. When it’s wet, it smells a bit stronger than dry (or so I’ve noticed), and as an interesting aside, when the light shines through the wet bar, it’s nice to look at. It almost looks like candy and is smooth to the touch.

Beyond aesthetics, I decided to put the bar through the complete bath test. Green Apple lathers up nice and leaves a faint after smell. I even washed my face with it, which was like any other glycerin soap. As with any other cleanser, I applied a moisturizer bar to the face afterward.

The main test was to see how it would hold up to lathering for a quick pit-leg shave. Fortunately, there was enough hair hanging around for the task. Green Apple got the job done. I look forward to buying more Green Apple Soap from Kreated by Karina, along with trying out some of the lip balm.

Written by: Nicolette Westfall, June 8th 2008

I have to clarify what I meant by "faint after smell" here: I was talking about the delicious apple scent.Nicolette