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Greens Plus Protein Bars

Snacking is inevitable. I regularly snarf all varieties of energy bars, even though I am not climbing mountains, lofting from ski jumps, or training for triathlons. I schlepp groceries and books and stomp down city sidewalks, but do not exert myself on Himalayan Peaks or the Appalachian Trail. However, my energy bar consumption trailed off once I heard a physician 'tsk' that most contained so many chemical ingredients and were so high sugar that he'd prefer that his patients consume a vitamin pill and chocolate bar.

I was happy to comply, but have since discovered GREENS+ products, endorsed by athletes and activists, doctors and distributors, and also the recipient of nine international awards. Items include not only energy and protein bars, but mixable powders and concoctions such as Greens Plus, Fiber Greens, Protein Greens, Pro-Relief, Jungle Greens, Coral Calcium, Thermo Greens, Immune Guard, and Omega Chia. Products are hand-mixed at facilities in compliance with Natural Products Association and GMP-certification standards. The protein bars contain no salt, refined sugar, corn syrup, hydrogenated oil, synthetic sweeteners, preservatives, or genetically-modified plant products. They're light enough to not feel overly decadent, and tasty enough to qualify as 'treats.'

If you're more inclined to get your daily dose of good-for-you potions in the morning, there are Superfood and Greensicle supplements, as well as 'Wild Berry Burst' powders to take stirred into water or your favorite juice. I tend to associate 'Chia' with the infomercial standard 'Chia Pets,'* but apparently there is a plant, Salvia hispanica, also called Chia, a whole food source of Omega3. A Central American mint used for millenia, GREENS+ offers chia seeds for a nutritious energy boost. Use the coupon code 'YUMMY' for a five dollar discount on online orders. Next, to try their chocolate-covered peanut butter bars...

_ * I have not been tempted to purchase a Chia Pet, and am now even less so since they have released a Chia Obama. While I attempt to be a first amendment purist, that does not mean that I have to support what I consider to be a fairly obviously racist product. Yes, comedy is inherently tasteless and incorrect, i.e., Eddie Murphy's Buckwheat portrayals, but would we tolerate a depiction of the President as the same character? Or, do they offer any Chia Pet versions of Caucasian officials? Until they offer a Chia Washington and Chia Lincoln, let me know if this merits a Chia Boycott._

Written by: Erika Mikkalo, October 12th 2009