Elevate Difference


While the interesting paper lion on the cover of Candylion – the new solo album from Super Furry Animals front man – may attract you at first, the soothing melodies are what will keep you listening. This 12-track album is packed with cotton-candy rhythms – some smooth, sweet and lullabyish and others poppy and mesmerizing.

Listening to the album is like reading a fairytale; your ears are brought into an enchanting, harmonious world of gentle lyrics like “a long time ago in the Kingdom of Candy” and “raindrops fill my eyes.” From the 50 second intro to the 14+ minute final track, the album progresses, unlike most compilations which simply move from track to track. While some lyrics on Candylion are rather strange and enigmatic, the overall lyrical quality is both refreshing and engaging. The title track includes extremely catchy lyrics and beats that will have your head bobbing wherever you are. Lyrics in the nearly 15 minute song, "Skylon!," however, will leave you with questions about airplane trips and terrorism. Through his clever words, Rhys paints a picture of the current level of fear centered around plane travel and makes important statements in the process.

Rhys is a true renaissance artist as he sings not only in English, but also in Welsh and Spanish. The addition of other languages serves to enhance his already captivating harmonies. Candylion also includes splendid vocal accompaniments by Lisa Jen of 9bach. So, whether you need to relax, are heading out for a long drive or are just ready to jive, Candylion has it all in between its intriguing cover.

Written by: Michelle Tooker, June 2nd 2007