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HELP! I'm Living with a (Man) Boy

Seems like writer and feminist psychotherapist Betty McLellan has heard my cries. Help! I’m Living with a (Man) Boy tackles what really needs to happen in dealing with the men (or boys) in your life. As a mother of two - one by birth and one who suddenly morphed into my own personal man/boy after we said “I do” - I think McLellan hit the head on the spot: “Poor men.” Okay, don’t jump out of your seat quite yet.

McLellan takes a new approach to typical problems that women encounter in their relationships with men - “men are sold a lie… believing they are superior” - and she wants to put an empowering spin on typical self-help books for women. Rather than advising women to grin and bear it or, better yet, fix themselves, she empowers women to take charge of these relationships and shape those boys into the men that are hiding under that little boy demeanor.

McLellan packs a punch with her true-to-life advice, mixed with a light and humorous touch. What happens when the man of your dreams turns out to be a child? McLellan urges women to take a look at the behavior of children and place those behaviors in a body resembling their dream man to truly understand them. So what’s that mean for those of us living with these boys? And what’s the relationship fix? McLellan doesn’t promise that this advice will always work, but she does discuss the joy of a mutually respectful, honest and loving relationship and how to help the man/boy in one's life get there.

Written by: Megan Blair, May 19th 2007

After being called a boy repeatedly by my girlfriend because of my penchant for things associated with children: toys, games, size 11 Heelys, I'm still not sure what's wrong with being a boy per se. Which brings me to my problems with the review, I'm still not sure what the book is about, like what makes a man a boy, etc. We only have the finishing advice.