Elevate Difference

The Hollywood Machine

Directed by Ishmael Klein

The Hollywood Machine is similar to an op-ed: it may make the writer feel better, but chances are it will never get noticed. And if her message is heard, it will be by those sympathetic or already in agreement with the meaning. This is the message the artist is sending. Those in Hollywood have the power to keep the nonconformist voice out, and, as independent films conform more to mainstream ideals, it’s harder for something new and challenging to break through.

This three minute short film is Ish Klein’s vent against those who would seek to keep independent ideas out of conventional media. With angry overtones, the filmmaker’s rage is balanced by childlike puppets with sweet voices. Quirky and abstract, _The Hollywood Machine _is an account of frustration as Klein hits her head on the filter lens of movie making.

Much like the glass ceiling successful women face in real life, the male-controlled mainstream movie world keeps feminist ideas and opinions to a minimum - only letting in those ideas that don’t challenge the norms and comfort zones of the powerful. The Hollywood Machine tells this truth that will probably never be heard.

Written by: Elizabeth Ordonez, March 21st 2007